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Port Alberni, BC

Little Bavaria, Port Alberni, BC

We feel great pride in being islanders from Port Alberni, BC. Our unparalleled hospitality, unique environment and the best foods available will make you to come again much sooner then you planed.

It all began back in 1966, when a German named Eddie Schoenborn made his dream come true. For many years his dream was to own a restaurant and along with his wife Gina they finally opened The Little Bavaria Restaurant on 4th Avenue in Port Alberni. The rest as we say is local history.

Most people in the Alberni valley are very familiar with the wonderful service from the staff and many of whom have been with The Little Bavaria for many years and of course the cuisine is unforgettable. Ana is the chef and has been since 1983.

People come from all over to sample the same great Schnitzels. Kathy and her staff continue to enjoy serving you in this very nostalgic and popular restaurant.

Please feel free to leave any comments or concerns about the food, service and staff in our comment box at the till.

Thank you.

Litle Bavaria, short history